Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Curves from Aruba with love

Aruba is much more of just "the happy island" as its known in the tourism world. All those who had the opportunity to live there, or even to vacationing there could experience the greatness of a small island that makes you fall in love right away of every single person you have the chance to meet there.

Today #intheblog we are going to interview to an amazing lady who leads the voice in the plus community in Aruba, we are talking about Nicole de Cuba.

Nicole is the Director of "Beauty Curves" the first plus model agency of the island. We had a nice chat with her, to know more about the plus size scene, her agency, the plus models of the Island and more!

1.- Please tell us how you started? How you came up with the idea of an agency?
This all started last year in July. I was modeling for a clothing boutique here on Aruba and was inspired to serve as a voice for the curvy community. So, I started on Facebook. I created my page and everyday I was sharing important information about self-love, body acceptance and about curvy models. In August, I recruited a few curvy models because I had this idea to do a video. That video was a total shakedown. Everybody loved it, and I started receiving so many positive feedbacks. The girls and I remained close, so I decided to start working on building a legit modeling agency. In December of last year, BeautyCurves Modeling Agency was officially opened.

2.- How is the plus size scene in Aruba?
Plus size on Aruba, I must say it had its improvements compared to 1 year ago. More clothing boutiques are bringing plus size clothing, this time they are beautiful and fun to wear. Although I must say I am not fully satisfied yet. As a model, I see there is a lack in designers who cater to plus size designs. Runways are missing plus size models. Photographers are not shooting plus size models enough. We still have a very long way to go on Aruba, but I am happy we’re on the right path. Regarding the community, it’s great! Many give compliments, positive feedback and are happy with the body positive revolution. As to the negativity, I learned that people who are not happy with themselves always have something negative to say, and there will always be some who have negative things to say, so we just must kill them with success.

3.- What is the training process the aspiring models receive when they get there? Who are the teachers, experts in your Agency?
Our training process is very strict. Models must dedicate themselves to the agency and to the modeling industry. We have weekly, 2-hours trainings that vary from runway trainings, poses, face expression, make-up classes, hygiene, protocol, to deeper on a personal level where we offer psychology and psychiatric sessions for the models. Our board consists of 4 professional, educated people who are experts in their specific fields. We have our beauty expert, and former top model, Ms. Mimi Willems, who coaches the models in the weekly training and provides them with all her expertise in the beauty and modeling industry. We have our professional, Ms. Vianca de Cuba, who assists with the more creative, and inspirational aspects of the agency and serves as a psychology support to the models. We have Ms. Eslaine Croes, who is a social media influencer, and vlogger. She is a coach on all social media platforms. Last, we have myself. I am the direct agent of all models and I strive to keep our modeling agency unique and professional. 

4.- So far, what activities as fashion shows etc. have you done?
We have 2 big shows that we did as an agency, which was a Curvy Expo, combined with fashion shows, a fashion show on the international Women’s Day, and we had a fashion show for Mother’s Day. Besides fashion shows, we keep ourselves busy in the community with different projects, photo shootings, empowerment activities and videos. We are currently planning a big fashion show again.

5.- How many girls do you have as models on the agency?
Currently our agency consists of 19 models. Each unique and special in their own way. It is beautiful, to have so much diversity in an agency. Not only on body shapes and personalities, but also in ages. Our youngest model is 19 years old and the oldest is 47 years old.

6.- Please tell us briefly about every girl
ANGELLE: Angelle is very driven to accomplish her goals. A down to earth person, who you can have all types of conversations with. She loves to laugh and is a sucker for love.
CELESTE: Celeste is a hard-working person who is dedicated to her businesses and family. Very strong and passionate to what she loves.
CHARLENE: Charlene is a kind person with a big heart. She is always willing to help others as much as she can.
ELIA: Elia has a very dark personality but in a good way. She loves everything goth. She is a sweetheart and once you get to know her, you’ll love her.
EMELY: Emely loves to dream and is very passionate about her family, and what she loves doing. Very loyal to the agency, and that’s what I love about her!
GABRIELLA: Gabriella is a total sweetheart and so pretty. She is funny and easy to be around. She loves to learn and always keeps her mind busy with new things. Loves to make people feel happy.
GEDIS: Gedis is the baby of the group. She is our youngest model and is so clumsy at times but a very fun person.
ISABELLE: Isabelle is shy at first, but she’ll open up once you talk to her. She is caring and compassionate, and very open-minded.
JADY: Jady is known to be very competitive and loves to win or be the best person she can be. Always offering a helping hand and LOVES her hubby.

JOSY: Josy is a true example of living life. She says what’s on her mind and wears what she likes. She has a funny personality and is always ready to make people laugh.
JUNIARA: Juniara is the shyest of the group. When put on the spot, she becomes as red as a tomato. Very humble person and cares a lot for others, but make sure to not get on her bad side.
LYRZA: Lyrza is so talented in different areas and has the voice of an angel. She is very strong and knows what she wants in life. She is very funny to be around.
MILVIENNE: Milvienne is so crazy, with a unique style. She loves to experiment with things and has the most random yet cool creativity. A kind person who helps without asking anything in return.
RAIMELINE: Raimeline is so strong. She has been through hell and back and has not given up. She is a believer and hard worker towards her goals and dreams.
RE-IANNE: Re-ianne is a dreamer. She loves being crafty and creative with things. I love her funny ways and enjoy her as a person, a genuinely good person with a nice heart.
SINDY: Sindy is the ultimate example of being passionate. When she speaks, she speaks from the heart and I love the way she expresses herself. A good person, who only wants good for others.
STEPHANY: Love her sarcastic/dark humor. She makes me laugh all the time and she is very loyal as a person.
TAMMY: Tammy loves to smile and make others smile. She has a big heart and a down to earth personality. I love her style!

7.- Do you think things in the plus size world has change for us or it´s just a first world change?
Yes, things have changed, and I am very happy for that. We are seeing process, and slowly more acceptance. BUT, we still have a long way to go and so much work to do. I am very excited to be part of the body positive revolution and more excited to watch us, plus size women become more respected and accepted in our communities.

8.- Nicole, what do you think we need to step up on this conversation?
Well, I would like to elaborate a little more on what our agency, and models of this agency stand for. We are not only a modeling agency that offers modeling or commercial jobs, but we are also a diverse group of strong and beautiful women who work hard on different empowerment projects and really want to make an impact in the community. We are here to show support to women who struggle with their selves and their self-esteem. We want to see more happy people, more confident people and less negativity. We have zero tolerance for bullies. I know the process is slow, unfortunate, but I know that we are getting our message out there, and people are starting to hear it. We strive to have an environment that encourages people to be happy, healthy and practice the act of self-love. An environment where everyone can be empowering and brave!  

9.- Finally, what are your plans to the future for you and your agency?
I myself, personally I have so many plans that I don’t know where to start. I want to do so many things, accomplish so many goals, and I know I am determined enough to make all this happen. For BeautyCurves, we are working hard to make it a known brand, and a community. For the models, I want them to become international, and start working with different types of people in the same industry. Be pending for our movements because we have exciting things coming soon...

To learn more about the Agency Beauty Curves, visit them at: www.beautycurvesaruba.com